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What are the possible causes of excessive hair growth and how can it have an effect on my remedies?
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The causes of excessive hair growth pattern are many and varied, including:

Glandular and/or hormonal imbalances (possible PCOS condition for ladies), including diseases causing these effects
Insulin resistance issues
Reactions to particular medications
Regular aging processes
Excessive temporary removal techniques like waxing, tweezing, creams and depilatories, and so on

Each laser candidate ought to discover a doable underlying cause of the extreme hair growth before beginning laser simply because if there is a thing within the body consistently triggering hair growth, laser treatments may well appear ineffective due to the fact the body will keep creating new hair. So, it will constantly appear like there is not reduction, when actually it?¡¥s NEW hair your body is producing that you are seeing, not that treated by laser growing back. Ladies with PCOS hair growth patterns (upper lip, chin, cheeks, etc) really should see an endocrinologist and have hormonal tests taken. Men can get tested for insulin resistance etc. Talk to your physician in the event you suspect you might have an underlying medical condition causing excessive hair growth prior to beginning laser hair removal. As soon as the condition is control through treatment/medication, laser hair removal can then be performed. Laser can affect the hair that?¡¥s presently present, but can not prevent NEW hair from developing.

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